Nerd for God

Don't hate me because I love quantum physics.


whoo hoo!

Hey guys, I got engaged!

It was awesome. You'll have to check my alter-ego for more details, because he is more detail-oriented than I am.

But, here are some cool pictures!!!

Whoa, check out the food! It was tasty, you know. I have such cool roommates. Man.... I wish I could make cake taste that good. Anyway, here's a good picture of us:

Pretty cool, huh? I like Katie.

This is Luke. As usual, he was the life of the party. Well, actually Gomoku was the life of the party. But hey.

I am Jack's disturbed state of mental affairs.

And finally one more of me and my awesome fiancée.

So cool!


Oh Boy Oh Boy!

Tho my fits of melancholy occasionally do paint an image of distempered disquiet in some of my posts, I admit that today I can hardly contain my truly effervescent bubbling joy.

For what, you inquire nobly, do I joyfully rejoice so heartily for? Indeed, it is none other than the president's re-election! I was, truthfully, confident this whole time that America wouldn't go so far as to apostate itself this election cycle. And, my confidence in my fellow man was born out! Truly the quantum physicists voted in force this time for us to pull off such a mighty accomplishment of electoral triumphs!

I admit I peed my pants last night.


I'm famous!

Hey guys! If you google for my name, my blog is the first thing that shows up! Pretty cool, huh?

You can learn a lot about yourself through Google. For instance, I found out that:

Canada’s best kept secret, Dustin Guenther, has the perfect blend of smoothness, street skills, tech and burliness that makes him a great.

I had no idea I was Canada's best-kept secret!


Oh my gosh!

Ok, guys, this is really crazy. I just realized something that is really shocking to me and will probably be to you as well. It turns out that the site that I thought was some random impersonator guy is actually ME. I've found that I have some form of split personality disorder, and that site is actually my altered state of consciousness writing.

I know this is big news, and I'm not really sure how to handle it. How do I even begin to deal with this other.... myself??? I don't think he's figured it out yet. What do I do??? Sometimes I go around doing things, and it's not even me! This is just too much!


Sour kraut

Boy, when I get upset I'm sure a sour kraut. Grr...

Let's not talk right now about my upset temper, or I am going to tear some person's head all the way off of their shoulders. You know who you are, if you are reading this!


Victory is MINE!

It appears that the IMPOSTER has ceased to blog. I have stuck it out with him for a month, and he realized that I cannot be broken. I will not be defeated.

"Who is the real Dustin Guenther?" you ask? I can tell you with much certainty: It is me!

Aww...SO CUTE!

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I don't want you to get me wrong, I think kittens are unbearably cute, but I beat the living crap out of a couple kittens the other day. I can't say why I did it; something just came over me.


Who's the Best?

It's official, I figured it out using my quantum physics: Jon is the Best. Sorry to disappoint the rest of you, especially Lem.


Hey, guys! I think we all need to read this, and act on it to regain our sovereignty from the British Isles. Long we have considered them naught but our respected partner. It turns out they still own us! It all has to do with the 13th Ammendment. Check out this site: your liberty depends on it!